NASA astronauts harvest first radish crop on International Space Station

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins harvested radish plants growing in the Advanced Plant Habitat (APH) aboard the International Space Station. She meticulously collected and wrapped in foil each of the 20 radish plants, placing them in cold storage for the return trip to Earth in 2021 on SpaceX’s 22nd commercial Res...Read more

BASF launches Renestra insecticide for Soyabean

  BASF‘s Agricultural Solutions division has introduced Renestra™ insecticide for the 2021 growing season. This new tool provides soybean farmers with a complete solution for controlling a wide range of insect pests and soybean aphids that have developed resistance to traditional chemistries. &n...Read more

BASF launches new tomato variety with IR against rough tomato virus

For the new season in Mexico, BASF presents a new tomato variety Grape Indeterminado Teenon F1 (ex NUN 06091) with intermediate resistance against rough tomato virus (ToBRFV). The new hybrid combines intermediate resistance (IR) with strong agronomic and market performance. "Teenon F1 has demonstrated its pe...Read more

ICAR-IIMR, ICRISAT launch Millet Finder database

Millets have sometimes been hailed as the next quinoa but researchers collating a global database of millet products have found this ancient grain to be orchestrating a silent food revolution that could see quinoa outstripped. The “Millet Finder” launched, discovered a surge in the use of millets, with...Read more

SFA grants first regulatory approval for cultivated meat  

    The Singapore government’s food regulation authority Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has approved the sale of meat cultivated from animal cells in the city-state. The approval, granted to global food technology company Eat Just, follows years of exploration in the alternative protein space and ca...Read more

DST to develop improved disease-resistant banana plants

An improved understanding of Fusarium, a root pathogen infection in the banana plant may soon help develop strategies to prevent the disease that causes wilting of the fruit crop that is grown in at least 5 major states of India. India is the leading producer of banana in the world and the present culti...Read more

Worm-like, soil-swimming robots to record soil properties: Cornell University

Scientists of Cornell University, New York are recently planning to develop worm-like, soil-swimming robots to sense and record soil properties, water, the soil microbiome and how roots grow. A $2 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant led by the principal investigator (PI) Taryn Bauerle, an associate pr...Read more

India, a prominent player in the APAC gene editing market  

     In the history of Nobel prizes, it’s been awarded to 57 women 58 times, with Marie Curie being awarded twice. The 2020 Nobel for chemistry is the first time an all women team has been awarded the Nobel. The only other instance being the Nobel peace prize in 1976 to founders of the North...Read more

BGU to establish agricultural research institute in India

Israel-based Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev and ABAN Group has recently announced the launch of a new initiative to build an agricultural research institute in Chennai, India in a virtual ceremony. As BGU is among the world leaders in the field of desert agriculture and water related research, BGU will ...Read more

ICAR-CIBA’s technology clientele bags National Fisheries Award 2020

The Nambikkai Fish Farmers Group, Tamil Nadu and Sai Aqua Feeds, Andhra Pradesh bagged the “Best Fisheries Self Help Group” and “Best Fisheries Enterprise Award - 2020” for adopting the ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture, Chennai’s “Fish Waste-to-Wealth” a...Read more

MustGrow Biologics secures patent for fumigation of stored vegetables and grains  

     Canada based MustGrow Biologics Corp., has announced the exclusive patent licensing from the University of Idaho pertaining to a natural bio pesticide mustard-based treatment of stored produce and other foods, particularly sprout suppression of potatoes.  Post-harvest sprout suppression...Read more

Meristem launches seed treatment replant program for soybean growers

Saving American farmers up to 50 percent on high-quality seed treatment while providing the peace of mind of a 100 percent replant benefit is the mission behind a new offer from Meristem Crop Performance, Ohio was announced recently. By creating a replant reinsurance program that fits with a seed company's untrea...Read more