Verisem acquires state-of-the-art vegetable seed processing facility in US

                                                  Verisem North America, a subsidiary of Verisem BV, the collection of leading global seed production operations and a portfolio compa...Read more

SYNLawn earns USDA certified biobased product label

US-based SynLawn, the largest manufacturer and unrivaled innovator of synthetic grass in North America, announced that it has earned the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Biobased Product label. The product, SYNAugustine 547 Bio-Based System, is now able to display a unique USDA label that highlig...Read more

HELM Agro US launches Gamma™ herbicide for grapes  

 HELM Agro US, Inc., a global manufacturer of high-quality crop protection and fertilizer products today announced that Gamma™ herbicide has received federal registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Gamma is a non-selective PPO-inhibitor herbicide with a novel active ingredient...Read more

New research focuses on developing disease resistant pears

The United States' pear production is mainly susceptible to storm damage, climate change, and disease, particularly fire blight. These conditions caused pear producers in Washington State to lose nearly 70,000 tons of their crop last year alone. According to Nahla Bassil, plant geneticist, and Joseph Postman, pear...Read more

Alfalfa touted as the next best Aquafeed

Scientists of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), USA and their collaborators have discovered that fish such as Yellow perch love the fish pellets made with a protein concentrate derived from alfalfa’s protein-rich leaves. They're experimenting with alfalfa as part of a broader effort to find suitable a...Read more

FBN launches on-farm R&D network for biological trials for farmers

US-based Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. (FBN), the leading direct-to-farm ag tech platform and farmer network, has announced the launch of the FBN Biological On-Farm R&D Network, which connects developers of agricultural biological solutions directly with farmers and full-scale testing en...Read more

HELM Agro launches new herbicide Reviton™

Florida-based HELM Agro US, Inc., a global manufacturer of high-quality crop protection and fertilizer products has recently announced that Reviton™ herbicide has received federal registration from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Reviton is a PPO-inhibitor herbicide with a novel active ing...Read more

Markon introduces fully recyclable cardboard clamshells for strawberries  

      In order to help move the produce industry away from plastic and increase recyclability, Markon Cooperative has introduced new cardboard, fully recyclable strawberry clamshell. The package, designed for its Markon First Crop (MFC) two-pound strawberries. It is made with food grade adhesive...Read more

Kalera to open newest vertical farming facility in Denver

Kalera (KALERA), one of the fastest-growing vertical farming companies in the United States, has recently announced that it will open its newest facility in Colorado in 2021. The Denver-area facility further establishes Kalera as a leading producer of vertically-grown greens across North America. The announcement ...Read more

Corteva launches Kyber herbicide in US

 Corteva Agriscience announced that it has launched Kyber herbicide for the 2021 season. The new crop protection product is a pre-emergence soybean herbicide with three effective modes of action, including a Group 15 active ingredient. Kyber herbicide is an excellent addition to a program approach for broad-s...Read more

Menon’s MrFeed increases shrimp survival rate against EMS: Study

A recently published study of MrFeed from San Diego-based Menon Renewable Products revealed that shrimp feed formulations including MrFeed at an 18 per cent inclusion level had significantly higher survival rates when exposed to Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS), when compared to the survivability of shrimp fed tradi...Read more

MB&A partners with USDA to provide dairy grading services

Virginia based Millsapps, Ballinger & Associates (MB&A) announced that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will leverage to modernize and automate their dairy grading and auditing program’s compliance processes. Used by over 250 public housing authorities, this c...Read more