Indian Veterinary Research Inst. launches new testing kit for FMD

The kit is quick and six times cheaper

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A team of scientists at Indian Veterinary Research Institute is located, Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh state has developed a new mono-clonal antibody and recombinant antigen based ELISA, a rapid testing kit that can be used to detect deadly foot-and-mouth disease, FMD across various species. The disease is a highly infectious viral disease of all cloven-hoofed animals including cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats and pigs.

The presently used diagnostics, Differentiating Infected from Vaccinated Animals, DIVA are species-specific and need to be optimized for each animal species. The new kit, however is easy to perform, rapid and sensitive. It can be performed at room temperature without an incubator.

 Six times cheaper than a similar commercial imported kit, the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of the assay are 95.2 percent and 98 percent, respectively. The estimated cost per samples is Rs 15 as compared to Rs 105 per sample for an imported kit.

 The kit will be useful for screening of serum against FMD antibodies for DIVA application. The kit is available in the form of recombinant antigen coated modules and all ready-to-use reagents packaged in one box for 90 serum samples, and to be stored at 4°C.



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